Sol Yacht Party

The Lifestyle Yacht Events provides consumers with the opportunity to experience the brand in an exclusive setting: sailing from the Waterfront and nestling in Clifton Bay or Granger Bay for a memorable afternoon of fun, great DJ’s on the decks, watersports, delectable canapés and your beverage of choice while soaking up the sun.

Tickets can be won at various activations in and around Cape Town during Summer, where you and your friends can join the four-hour cruise with everything catered for during the event.

The Yacht Events campaign has been running successfully since 2015, so look out for up-and-coming activations this summer.

New Balance: Year of the Snake

The New Balance limited edition sneakers follow the  Chinese Zodiac, whereby each year represents a specific animal. Spice Events had the opportunity to launch New Balance limited edition Year of the Snake lifestyle sneaker.

Our mandate was to create a look and feel, as well as activities around the Year of the Snake, which would create “talkability” around the sneaker, event and New Balance as a brand.

We manged the entire event – from start to finish. This included the overall look and feel (décor and branding), marketing and entertainment (DJ’s and themed activations) exclusively for the event.

Savanna Newcomers Showcase

Spice Events had the opportunity of running the Savanna Newcomers showcase for three years at the Soweto Theatre in Johannesburg. The event provides a platform for new comedians to show off their talent in two minutes and wow the crowd, who are the deciding vote on the night.

Our mandate was to provide sound, lighting, staging, screens, entertainment, bar areas (complete with fridges and stock), décor and infrastructure for the pre-lunch/drinks before the main event, including the comedian area, branding throughout the venue, popcorn stand (including staff). We also had to create mechanics for the brand to push sales and provide staff for activations.

The event has been running successfully under Spice Events Management for the past 3 years, providing the brand and consumers with a Savanna Lifestyle inspired setting for drinks and lunch, great entertainment, and a successful, trending comedy showcase.

Eagle Air: Three Cities

Eagle Air was a concept created by Spice Events in order to bring the essence of the Fish Eagle brand to life, as well as their brand directive for the year.

The concept encompassed a three-city tour in one venue, where we flew in DJ’s from Durban and Johannesburg to perform in Cape Town and take patrons on an entertainment tour. This included an airport setting with décor and props throughout the venue from the entrance up until the main dance floor, air hostesses (in the form of dancers) entertaining the crowd on stage, and consumers enjoying a glass/bottle of Fish Eagle on the night while taking in the atmosphere of a unique night out.

The event was a success in terms of bringing the brand to life via the Eagle Air concept, look and feel, entertainment, tasting (introduction of the brand to new consumers) as well as record bottle sales at the venue on the night.

VIP Experiences: New York City Lifestyle

The New York City Lifestyle event sets the tone for inner city living, art, entertainment, fashion, good food, music and like-minded trendsetters – all set out on a lavish rooftop surrounded by views of the cities concrete jungle.

The event has a one-ticket price charge (city dependent) which exposes patrons to various luxury brands, top-class entertainment, fashion interaction, delectable canapés served throughout the event, which all takes place in a luxury setting, which creates a VIP feel for all in attendance.

The NYC Lifestyle events started in Port Elizabeth, moved to Cape Town, and now has its sights set on Johannesburg and Durban in the near future.

JC Le Roux: Vibrazio Cubana Nights

Spice Events were provided with the opportunity to launch JC Le Roux’s Vibrazio Sundowner Sessions with the Cubana franchise nationally. This event headlined with talented DJ Lulo Café.

Our mandate was to provide consumers with a tasting, educate them on the new Vibrazio range and push bottle sales on the night.

Upon bottle purchases, consumers received a limited edition Vibrazio chocker and stood in line to a designer handbag worth R5000 at the end of the campaign.

The campaign was a raving success as we received a positive tasting responses from patrons during activations and averaged up to 25 bottle sales per venue during the national campaign.